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(Mamluk Empire)

The magnificent sites of Egypt’s Nile River Delta – stately domes, spacious courtyards, and soaring minarets – are in fact the work of “outsiders.” The Mamluks came to Egypt as slaves, but rose to become its masters, building a dynasty that marked the height of Islamic culture and architecture in Egypt. Under their rule, Jews were dhimmi, a protected minority within an Islamic society – a status that gave them physical protection but limited their social status and religious freedom.

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Join us on the greatest journey ever told!!

We invite you to experience a journey that begins with the destruction of the Second Temple in the year 70 CE and continues through incredible adventures experienced by the Jewish nation for over 2,000 years. On this journey, you will visit almost every spot on the globe, pass through the most significant events in history, and then end up back at your starting point – the Western Wall.

The Journey to Jerusalem on the internet is not just any old historical blog.  This is an interactive trip that will allow each and every one of you to participate.  This is going to be a moving, challenging, and fascinating trip like no other.

The Journey is based on in-depth historical research, dramatic film clips and recreations that bring this epic story to life.  It shows the diverse history of the Jewish people – from the vantage point of someone young (but not too young), cool, and curious. 

The rich, unique content of this journey is designed so that each of us can take this journey, from anywhere at any time.

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